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Your one-stop location for local; up to date and relevent information, tailor-made to your individual town.

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WOO is the swiss army knife of desktop shortcuts


Calculators; Converters;
Calendars; Live Travel; Map; Timetables;
Job Searching; Weather; Parcel Tracking;
Recycling ideas; Money Saving ideas;
TV & Radio links; How to fix it videos.


Hospitals; Doctors; Dentists; Vets; Crime; Flood information;   Disaster & Emergencies; First-Aid advice; Family Safety; Home Support.


Contact numbers and websites for your local Schools; Colleges; Council Departments; News; Local Businesses and services.


There are various specialist sections, WOO-SAFE is about keeping your family safe.
WOO-HOME concentrates on household advice.
WOO-FIT is excercise for those who cannot attend a gym.
WOO-KIDS helps keep the little ones amused and helps them learn.

Before the Mobile and Internet age most households had both local telephone directories and advertising directories, there were also 'Pink Cards', printed advertising sheets that were put through the door which displayed local numbers to local businesses, all these have now ceased to be.

I wanted to not only replace these and once again have the information close to hand, but to greatly improve on them and have something easy to access whether at home, work or outside in the street. Access to Emergency information and contact numbers of Hospitals Doctors and Dentists, along with the numbers you may need quickly such as schools and plumbers.

The webpages go much further than the old printed directories, they utilise videos and pictures, and nearly everything you see is a clickable link that will give you even further information, Click on a name and it will take you directly to the contact number or even website. There are also useful tools such as converters and calculators at hand for when you need them, and special sections that enable you to access TV, or offer advice and help, some even show you how to do things by video.

Aware that people do not want to download 'apps' or use up disk space, I decided to create it purely as a website, giving the user the option of creating a small (2kb) shortcut on their desktop to instantly bring the information to view.

To create a tiny shortcut on your desktop, first choose your nearest town from above, highlight the full address shown in the address bar, then using the right button on a blank area of your desktop choose 'New'.  Paste the address into the box and press OK, Another box will open for you to name the shortcut eg 'Woo'. Tuck this new icon away in the corner and you will have instant access to your own local information.

Quick Response Codes

You can use your Smartphone camera to quickly go to your town's main page.
Or click the image or button to be taken straight to the town of your choice.


I started WOO with just one town in mind, Welshpool the town where I live, and the original site over its years of development had many rewrites and style changes. Many new ideas were added and tried out and gradually it took its current form.

I was soon approached by others asking if their town could also be included and soon Newtown was added and then later followed by a few others. The interest grew and I had to decide on where I would take it to in the future.

Woo is growing all the time, and many more new towns will be added once all the research into each town has been done.  Wales has many county boundaries so to simpify the maps i would use I had to split Wales into the five zones shown below, sometimes the information will overlap and towns on the imaginary borders will appear in two or more zones.

I will concentrate on one zone at a time starting with 'Mid-Wales', and gradually expand to cover the other four zones.

Who knows, as time goes by and with a little assistance from others, maybe WOO will grow to cover the whole of the UK.