Born of a Welsh Mother and English Father in 1959 in Eltham in the south east area of London. Emigrating at the age of 8 He spent a little while living in Sydney Australia before returning back to the UK to live in the London / Kent borders.

His first job in 1975 was as a Physiological Measurement Technician specialising in Audiology for the Ear Nose & Throat department of the famous Guys Hospital in London. In 1979 transferred to the Brook Hospital operating theatres and worked as a Operating Department Assistant.

In 1982 he followed his intended career goal joining the London Ambulance Service and becomming a Qualified Ambulance Man. Working both in the City and West-end areas of London. Then later following this working as a E.M.T. / 2nd in-command of the London / Kent based A-Z Private Ambulance Service.

Since moving to Wales in 1990 he has worked for Powys County Council Business Support as a Network Supervisor / and Mobile Technician for the Property Care Department. Worked in Auxiliary Nursing, Managed a Social Services Day Base for Adults with Learning Disabilities, and lastly as a Residential Social Worker for abused children with extreme challenging behavours, Autism & Learning Disabilities.

After suffering PTSD, High Anxiety and having several mini-strokes leading to an extended period of associated ill health, finding a job that suited his conditions and an employer willing to take the risk of employment following 7 strokes proved extremely difficult.

Wanting to keep his brain fully working and to not vegetate watching endless hours of television, he decided to use his wide life and work experience, his learnt skills, many qualifications, endless training and his knowledge in a wide field base, to create a project that he could successfully do from home.

Using all these skills not only to create this website, but also to become a published Author, writing both fiction and non-fiction books.