Cathy Beech

Singer, Songwriter & Vocal Coach

Cathy is a very talented singer, songwriter and vocal coach from Welshpool in Mid-Wales.

As a Vocal Coach she runs many local groups and workshop events suitable for all ages, sexes and abilities.

Hello Cruel World

Cathy with her cover of the Grechen Peters song Hello cruel world

In the summer of 1999, the founder of Angel Voice Singing School Cathy Beech put together a business plan to start a singing school that would provide vocal skills for everyone no matter what their age. It was highly ambitious, as she had only really just started her own career as a singer, but it was a vision of where she wanted to take her voice and share the joy of singing with everyone.

Cathy had a personal journey of her own over the following 14 years on a personal and professional level, it was a time where she struggled as she lost her singing voice. She worked hard to research how to retrain, regain confidence and get back the voice that she loved only stronger than ever. She was successful.

Finally in June 2014 Cathy realised her dream and started to put it into action the singing school that she had wanted to start for so long, she left her secure job to start the business plan she had written out and visualised. She has never looked back.

She now runs regular workshops in Llangollen, Welshpool, Newtown but she has travelled to lots of smaller villages in Powys to get the message out there that everyone has the ability to sing and it is their right to enjoy and love their own voice. She has gone from no students to over 70 regular workshop students in 4 years. She is passionate about her job and what singing brings to a community and it’s self esteem. She has proven over and over again that anyone who wants to sing can.

Teaching confidence is a massive bonus to teaching the art of vocal agility, and also music appreciation and what it does for the soul of a person is a massive aspect of learning to sing.

 It helps with personal well being, academic confidence, social skills and self confidence. Cathy is dedicated to helping every student be the best that they can be just by teaching them how to use their voice skilfully.

She has a fund raising committee and seeks to hold as many events as she can to give a platform to all her students so that they can have the opportunity to show off their skills and have a platform to shine. This committee is helping to raise money for equipment and future projects become a reality.

If you want to learn to sing this is the safest place to be and it welcomes you with an understanding that will give you the confidence to do what your heart truly desires.

For more detail, please contact Cathy via messenger as she is always willing to help.

Angel Voices Singing School

Cathy runs workshops for singing and songwriting, details of which will appear below when confirmed.

She also runs the Angel Voices Singing School.

Click below to check oyut the school's facebook page, or telephone 0785 245 4290


AVS Singing School

Classes to suit everyone

held at The Armoury, Welshpool

AVS Men's Choir

The Angel Voice Singing School is now running a male choir.

Every Thursday night at the Armoury, 7pm - 9pm



Wednesdays at The Armoury, Welshpool.  7.30 - 9.30 pm


Boys & Girls, 4 to 7 years.

Thursdays at The Armoury, Welshpool.

4pm - 5pm


Boys & Girls, 8 to 11 years.

Thursdays at The Armoury, Welshpool.

5.15 - 6.45pm


Boys & Girls, 12 to 18 years.

Wednesdays at The Armoury, Welshpool.

5.30 - 7.00pm

Welshpool Fun and Fitness Group

Thursdays at The Armoury,, Welshpool.

6 pm - 7 pm



The last workshop held at Oldford School in Welshpool

This is Me ! 

Come on, who doesn't sing along when they here this song.

So why not let Cathy teach you to sing it properly!

This is a short workshop lasting 7 sessions for moderate choir singers, who love the music from the greatest showman.

You will learn the choral pieces to 4 of the songs gain confidence in your ability to hold harmonies and build a rapor with new singers.

This workshop is designed so that you can learn it as a one off or take it to your existing choir and do one or more of the pieces if you enjoy the songs. 

The Greatest Showman has been a very popular musical film and it's music has been shared over and over, but to learn the pieces and sing them live is a very rewarding thing to do and lifts your spirits so high. 

The course starts on the 11th November 2019 and is held every Monday and then it will be held for the Fridays two weeks before the performance, which is on the 14th December 2019 at The Baytree Welshpool. It was a massive success earlier this year. 

If there is anyone who would like a solo piece we can audition in practice and see what we can achieve, we do however have a few professionals as well as myself performing the solo pieces.. Every time I do workshops like this I am in awe of the talent that I get to work with. This could be your piece that you can make your own. 

MEN... please do not be shy, your parts in this piece of work is outstanding and we need you as much as we need the women.


Details of my upcoming performances will appear below.


10th February 2023  8pm - 10pm


Narrowboat Inn, Whittington