Whether you travel for work or for fun, whether by Boat, Plane, Train, Car, Bike, or on foot, you still have to carry a certain amount of luggage in as small a space as you can.

What do you really need to pack, and what do you not need to take ?

How do you fit it in ?, protect valuables ?, ensure security ?

Planning for unexpected delays or loss of luggage.

Keeping the kids and adults occupied.

Woo has tried to find out useful information and ideas that will prepare you for travel.


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Pack Carry On Only

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Travelling long distances in the car can be stressful enough as it is, but add kids to the mix and they can soon change into a nightmare. The  constant 'Are we there yet?', 'I'm hungry' or the dreaded 'I need to wee now!' just as you join a motorway with miles before the next services can test us all.

Below are ideas and tips to make these journeys less stressful, good planning for any journey is important, even more so in poor weather conditions, so don't forget to also check out WOO-DRIVE which gives advice for preparing your car.


On Holidays or just on days out there often comes a time when a take-away is the only choice, whether Burgers or Fish & Chips those greasy fingers are going to get all over your seats and dashboard, drinks will be bound to be spilled and make sticky patches that seem to attract every fly and wasp for miles.

Keep a roll of food recycling bags in the glovebox, they can be placed on car seats or dashboard before resting your greasy chip paper on it, or can be opened up on your lap to prevent the grease from staining your clothes, any food waste can then be placed inside them and tying them up reduces the lingering smells. A bigger Carrier bag or small bin liner can be used for the paper and containers until they can be properly disposed of.

Keep a pack of wet-wipes in the car, store in a sealed plastic container such as those used for ice creams to prevent them drying out.

You could also make yourself a mini picnic set using a similar container that you can keep in glove box or the boot. Save those plastic knives and forks and wooden chip forks the take-away's issue and that you never use, and always pick up your unused individual packs of Sauce, Vinegar, Salt to keep in your kit. Packs of plastic cutlery are available in your local pound shop, it helps reduce greasy hands and helps a lot if you need to cut up your food or eat side orders such as beans. Trying to pick up and bite a pie with gravy in it is never succesful! small stacking non-slip trays are also available from the pound shops, keep one each in the seat back pocket or tucked under the seat.

Some take-away's supply you with cardboard trays to hold drinks, dont throw these away at the end, store a few under your car seat or in the boot for next time, it saves the kids balancing a pint of milkshake on the seat they are moving about on.

WARNING:  Make sure anything you place under the drivers seat is secure and not able to slip forward under the drivers feet or the foot controls.



When travelling with luggage by train it is not always possible to keep your luggage beside your seat or even in view, many trains have luggage storage racks at each end of a carriage near to the entry doors and you are forced to place suitcases in these. To stop oportunist theives from dipping into your case always ensure that you securely padlock all zips. This doesn't stop them from actually taking your case as it pulls into a stop, so carry a lock designed for Bicycles, thread this through the handle and then attach it to the poles of the luggage rack, or to the cage itself.

Unwritten Train Travel Ruleswhen travelling through Europe

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Train Etiquette can be much different abroad than it is in the UK, make sure you understand the usual practices of each country you visit to save any conflict. ALSO CHECK THE INDIVIDUAL LAWS!

Do's & Don'ts when travelling on trains in Thailand.

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