How can I advertise on 'WOO'?


Do you currently pay out hundreds of pounds to advertise your company or service to local people?

Do you advertise on cards distributed through letterboxes that often get thrown straight into the recycle bin?

Perhaps WOO is your answer, save money and have your details always to hand!


What is 'WOO'?

WOO is the the Swiss Army Knife of Desktop shortcuts!

Wise Old Owl or 'WOO' was created as a 'one-stop' location for all the things we might need in a hurry, not just a simple phone listing it contains useful tools that are often hidden and difficult to find on a computer such as Calculators; Calendars and in this day of international online sales up to date and accurate currency converters.  Add to this instantly accessible local emergency information and contact information for the shops and services  we need. These handy tools and local information bring viewers back to the site over and over.

How much room does it take up on my Computer, Tablet or Mobile Phone with Internet ?

Amazingly little! - As all of the information is stored on the internet and not local on your computer, all you need is the tiny 4k shortcut to keep everything instantly to hand on your desktop.. Alternatively you can just save the site to your browser bookmarks.


What can 'Woo' do for me as a Business?

Not only would your company be included in the listings of local businesses, but each time the name of my company appears on the Woo site, it will be made into a hyperlink which directs the user to your own website. 

But I cant afford my own website.

For a small one-off set yearly payment, each business will not only be included in the listings but will also have created a dedicated online (screen size) webpage to display any information they wish, that could be contact phone numbers and opening times, special offers, listings of products or services, or even staff photographs.

Changing information stored on the webpage would be easy and quickly done, Additional small alterations (e.g. change of phone numbers / opening times / special offers) will be performed for a set payment of 5.00 each time they are changed.

Altogether a great way to advertise for extremely little outlay!

Affordable advertising even for the smallest of businesses and self-employed.


examples of on-screen advertising