We all waste things even if unintentionally, and sometimes this creation of waste is purposely promoted by the manufacturer in their design of packaging, making use use far more than necessary so that we hurry out to the shops to buy more and line their pockets even further.

Below are some simple ideas for saving money in our homes.

Shampoo's, Conditioners, Shower Gels & Washing up liquids

Do you get through loads of these?

The bottles these are supplied in are designed to make us use far more than we really need to.

Shower Gel for instance we pour onto our wet hands while under the shower, much is washed away by the water and dripping between fingers as we try to close the lids and return the bottle to the shelf. These containers also leak and waste their contents if not closed securely.

Washing up liquid is squirted into the bowl of water and because it doesnt immediately froth up and fill with bubbles we tend to give it an extra squirt. Put the washing up liquid in the bowl before filling with water.

Buy a container with a pump top, these can easily be purchased from pound stores,  or even save the containers that your hand-wash comes in and decant your shower gels and conditioners into these. The pump will aerate the liquid in your hands to make it look larger and reduce the amount you dispense.

Using these in my home made my shampoo last 3-4 times longer, and washing up liquid even more !