The much cheaper cost of production has enabled the ebook market to rapidly grow and the popularity of e-reader devices to grow with it. There are now a vast range of titles available across all genres.

E-readers too have dropped in price, some now display in colour enhancing photographs  or graphics, and battery life is long lasting.

They are ideal to take away on holiday being much lighter than a printed book, and Having the bonus they can store hundreds of books .

There is no need to buy books in large print, text sizes can be increased to suit the individuals eyesight, some also allow background colours to be changed which helps those with Dyslexia or Colour Vision Deficiency. 

They maybe  much cheaper to buy, but do we really need to buy one when we already have a Laptop, PC, or Smartphone?

Free E-reader emulators such as 'Calibre' are available to download from app stores or on the web, these enable us to read any of the different book formats currently in use but on the equipment we already own.

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Where Can I Puchase  My Ebooks ?


Local writer from Mid-Wales. Writes various genre's including Fiction / Faction / Non-fiction.

Samantha Franklin

Writer from Rhyl who creates crime thrillers.


Amazon is one of the biggest suppliers of ebook's and stocks many different genre's.

Project Gutenberg

Supplies free ebooks.

Borrow ebooks and Audiobooks from your local library.