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Woo doesn't just give you local information, it also contains specialist sections, many giving valuable advice and ideas.

Woo is always growing, and new specialist sections are being added all the time.

WOO-SAFE has information and advice to help protect your family, including Female Safety; Online Child Safety; First-Aid; Household and Environmental Emergencies; Home Support and Personal Advice pages.

WOO-HOME contains helpful ideas and advice for your home, including Money Saving Ideas: Cleaning Tips: Recycling Ideas; Space Saving Ideas; and Computer Corner.

Woo-Fit is for those of us who wish to exercise but are unable to visit a Gymnasium or fitness class. It includes exercise ideas and routines you can do at home, either alone or with friends.

WOO-TV gives easy acess to television and radio channels that are not always available in your area.

Most people now have some form of computer within the home, but not everyone has a degree in computing and sometimes you need just a little help in making them work for you and keeping them running.

Woo-Cook provides many local and traditional recipes.

WOO-KIDS keeps the little ones amused, it gives you quick and easy access to pre-school television; games; learning tools and after school activity ideas.