• I just wanted to send an email about your webpage,  We've been referencing it with my neighborhood association for when we need emergency and disaster prep resources to share. So I wanted to say a quick thanks!
    Lucy Maynard
    Angies List USA
  • Thanks for including a place on your site about disaster preparedness.
    In 2017, the US shattered its record in disaster costs with $306 billion spent in climate and weather disasters. We work mostly to spread awareness through our network and our blog. Given your work, I know you’ll agree it’s even more important than ever to arm our citizens with the information they need to protect themselves and their loved one

    Natalie Kelly
  • I was Very Happy to do some Decals for this Awesome new information hub/portal for Mid-Wales ( http://woo-uk.com/ ) ..The guy in charge has been Very comprehensive with putting it Together and has taken in All Sections of Society and the Needs of So Many People :) <3 ..I Thoroughly Support what He's doing and the Great ethic and canniness He has with it :)
    Pete Jude Stewart Clark
    Newtown Custom Print
  • Very good efficient up-to-date information for all ages - very inclusive.
    Britt Titcombe
    UK Facebook
  • Hello there,
    I saw that you mentioned http://www.childline.org.uk/ here(http://woo-uk/personalhelp.html) and I wanted to share my gratitude concerning your work on promoting tips and information about online safety for kids.
    Once again, thanks for helping protect our kids online, 

    Tara Worsham
  • I was very impressed it has come a long way, you have done an amazing job. Have enjoyed browsing around the site looking at things of interest. As a you know Music & the computer is also of interest to me & enjoyed looking through all the music decades, and the Tools section also . 
    Was lovely to see the B.S.L sign language skills also, as this I had to learn myself when my Youngest son married a Deaf person, is often challenging but once you learn the basic skills it becomes much easier to communicate which is key . 
    The emergency page was great & offered lots of information that most people need to know in their day to day life, especially medical Emergency’s we will all come across in our lifetime. 
    Also the disability page is good to see, as we are all growing older & have found out first hand how challenging everyday tasks can become inside & also outside the home. 
    You have done an Amazing job & I will be sharing the website to my Family & Friends, thank you so much  

    Sue Bartlett.
  • I love that it’s up-to-date and it’s for all ages very great.

    Karen Romano-ventimiglia
    New York, USA
  • This is a great place to find what's happening in Welshpool. My Pop music workshops are on here and it shows you all events happening both private and funded.
    Happy days. Check it out.
    Cathy Beech.
    Angel Voices Singing School.
    Welshpool, Powys.
  • I wanted to share my gratitude concerning your work on promoting tips and information about online safety for kids.

    Adam Roger

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