How to deal with anti-social behaviour.

Anti-Social Behaviour needs addressing!

Anti-social behaviour is not only annoying, or damaging to property,  but often can also affect the mental health of those who are subject to it. It can create anxiety and stress, and cause fear leading to isolation and ill health.

It can quickly bring an area down, reducing house prices, making house sales impossible.

Find out how to report it and get help.

Ask your local authority to take action

Your local authority can: apply to a court for an order to stop or prevent violent antisocial behaviour in its area. apply to a court for an order to stop public nuisance, which includes drug-dealing. take action to stop noise, nuisance and threats to health.

HMIC anti-social behaviour short film

A short film highlighting the views of victims of anti-social behaviour.

Credit to:  uk-HMIC

How to report anti-social behaviour (ASB)

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Dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour (full film)

includes some useful information of what you need to do.

Credit to:   CNHousing


'Do I have to give my name?',

'I dont want them to know it was me!',

'They nmight find out I said something!'

'I dont want to go to court'.

Find out how Crimestoppers works and put your mind at rest!


Only information is taken and recorded, not your name, not your phone number, not even what sex you are.